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Our family has a small breeding outside of Stockholm in Sweden, and we have been breeding Norwegian forest cats since 1994. For us, the most important thing is the cats we love, and that love has spread through the whole family. Nowadays, the whole family is involved and the cats we have to day can trace their lines to our first cat Mhorrse’s Lynx.

Everything started with a small kitten with a big heart and a bright future. At the end of January 1993, Mhorrse’s Lynx came home to a family of two adults, two children and two cats: Lisa and Chriss. The little kitten quickly won everyone’s hearts, and Lisa and Chriss who were eight and nine years had to relive their childhood. We have many names for the things we love and Mhorrse’s Lynx quickly came to be called both Pette and Lynxen (depending on what generation of people in the household crying at him).

Mhorrses Lynx

During the spring of 1993 we went to our first cat show in Uppsala and we had no idea of what to expect. We fell fast in love and the following years were full of cat shows and several amazing litters.

Lynxen became the foundation of our cattery Gefjon and since our first litter in 1994 we have had nine litters. Gefjon is a fertility and agricultural goddess in norse mythology and means ”the giving one”. A fitting name for all the wonderful cats we have had the privilege of raising. When we have litters, we name the kittens based on their temperament and personally, and all the names are from Nordic mythology. We therefore have no specific themes for each litter, but an overall theme for the entire breeding.

We have litters and go to cat shows every now and then so do not hesitate to look for kittens for sale or our cats at exhibitions. When we have kittens for sale you will find them under Kattungar – Aktuella kullar  and if you want to have a look at our previous litters you will find them under Kattungar – Tidigare kullar. Currently we have one kitten for sale: Gefjon Sudre.

If you wish to come in contact with us you are most welcome to send us an email at , write a message at Om – Kontakta oss or write to us on Facebook.